Dear PSBC Faith Family,


The coronavirus situation is rapidly changing. Even since our initial response yesterday, new details and actions have occurred. In light of these changes there have been many conversations, considerations and a continual prayer for wisdom.

In this moment we are confronted with two very important aspects of our faith—loving God and loving others. These in fact are the great commandments that Christ gave us (Matthew 22:34-40). However, associated actions of fulfilling these commands in the present situation are seemingly at odds. In loving God, the church has had the long standing tradition of gathering for worship on the Lord’s Day. In those times we express our heart’s delight in a variety of ways of worship. These are sacred and special times. In loving others, we are called to care compassionately for all and especially the least of those among us.

With the coronavirus health experts and government officials have called for “social distancing” to help lessen the spread of the virus. This includes foregoing the gathering of larger groups, and many events have been cancelled. This leaves the church facing a difficult decision.

There are many unknowns regarding the virus (how many are actually infected, how many more will become infected, how long this will continue, and while for most if contracted the symptoms are mild, weakened and older individuals are more susceptible to severe symptoms) and there is also much hype regarding the virus.  What we do know as the church is that we want to strive to faithfully fulfill both our Lord’s commands—loving him and our neighbors. For this reason, the following changes regarding our worship gatherings at PBSC are being made.

  • In order to best love our neighbors, we are cancelling all gatherings at PSBC effective immediately and through the week of March 15. We make this decision not out of hype but rather in an effort to best love others. It is a difficult decision, and has not been reached lightly. However, I believe it is the right and prudent one for us to make at this time.
  • We will stream a service on Sunday at 10:45am (songs and preaching included) and a bible study on Wednesday at 7:00pm. While we may not be in the same location, we can still love God together in worship with the aid of technology. Please make plans to join us around the screen of choice (phone, desktop computer, tablet, etc…) during these times of worship and the Word.
  • For now, the church office will remain open during the week, 9:00am – 1:00pm.
  • You can continue to give online through our website (, mailing in your gift, or dropping it off at the church during office hours. Your continued and faithful giving will allow us to remain faithful in meeting needs and ministering effectively during this time.
  • Determination regarding future services at PSBC will be made in the coming days.

Through this all, let us remember that WE are still the church. Let us therefore, love and pray for one another. We want to strive in this situation to help those among us who may be more susceptible and have needs. If that is your case, please reach out to us via email, the church office, social media, or by phone and let us know.

While the days are strange, we do not fear. Our God is sovereign and reigns supremely. Our trust remains in Him! Let our witness for him remain as well.


In Christ Alone,


Pastor Wayne